Medical Monitors

Diagnostic Monitors

31” 12MP (4200x2800) IPS Diagnostic Monitor for Mammography with Multi-resolution Modes, Pathology Mode, Self-calibration, Focus View, PBP and Dual Controller

  • 31-inch 12MP (4200×2800) IPS Display
  • Multi-resolution Mode (12/6MP)
  • 1080 cd/㎡ (Typ.)
  • Pathology Mode, Focus View Mode
  • Lighting (Down/Wall Lighting)


31-inch 12MP IPS Display
Self-calibration with Front Senso


Focus View
Picture by Picture & Dual Controller


6 Hot Key
Ergonomic Design

31-inch 12MP IPS Display

Designed for Mammography

The 12MP display creates a clear image that allows details to be visible

Multi-resolution Mode

Multi-resolution Mode for Compatibility

Diagnostic monitors often need to be connected to various modalities, sometimes with differing resolutions. The 31HN73D-B has a multi-resolution mode you can adjust to optimize to the connected device.

Pathology Mode

Realistic Color Reproduction

In Pathology Mode, the 31HN713D-B Diagnostic Monitor reproduces virtually the same level of detail and color as seen directly under a microscope.

Streamlined and Efficient Workflow

Presence Sensor

Hassle-free Savings & Stronger Security

Thanks to the Presence Sensor of 21HQ513D which automatically turns off the display when no motion is detected, you can save energy and be more secure against exposing patient information and other sensitive data.

Focus View

Fully Focus on the Region of Interest