A World-Leading healthcare company in the Saudi Market


Ahmed Abdulwahed Trading Company was established more than fifty years ago as a distinguished company with the main concept of activity for commitment and response to its local and regional customers besides developing marketing of its products. The company has adopted the specialization method in photocopying equipment and electronics and represented several leading trademarks in various sectors as a sole distributor with a separate sales team for each trademark or for each sector. In a short period it accomplished huge progresses to become a leading company in the Kingdom in electronics sector, and was awarded several prizes from government and business sectors and foreign companies for providing high quality products associated with best services for the Saudi market. Through its endeavors of leading the Saudi market following the policy of specialization and concentration, its established the medical division for importing high quality and efficient medical products and equipment supported with the best after sales specialized customer service. Establishment of the medical division constitutes a basic trustful effluent for the Saudi medical sector with products which have proved success and efficiency in several hospitals and health centers of the Kingdom. The medical division was established in Riyadh besides other seven regional offices in the Kingdom.


Represents the main pivot for working to harness all means for corroborating Ahmed Abdulwahed Company

Medical Division leadership, by supplying the best products and services for placing our trademark and the marks of our partners in the finest form. We are always seeking to create a new way for bringing about superior quality level, to be the leading name for the Saudi medical market, by importing the medical equipment that would hike the Saudi health levels to the highest international standards of know-how, safety and professionalism.


Supplying high quality products to meet the needs of our customers and providing innovated marketing services to serve interests of our suppliers by improving efficiencies of our employees to innovate professional solutions for mutual success with our partners.

Our Objectives

Place customer services at the top of our priorities and always looking forward for their satisfaction by providing medical equipment of the highest quality possible. Devote ourselves for the success of our suppliers and consider ourselves as their genuine partners. Therefore, we furnish them with marketing plans and creative thoughts in the sense of responsibility and professional ethics. Concerned with evaluating the results of our work after each stage, therefore we agree to requirements for evaluation from any one of our suppliers at any time.

Our Strategy

Planning: Is the base of our work.

Researches: Knowledge is power.

Analysis: Perception is the key.

Creativity: Boundless thinking.

Initiative: Communication at all time.

Results: Reaching the best is not merely a choice but an objective and duty.

Reports: Keeping informed all the time.

Strategy: Proper timing is the key for effective results.

Issue: Supplying products of high quality and innovative marketing services.