Portable Dental X-Ray

Nanoray NR-F300

State-of-the-art ergonomic design for one-handed X-Ray shooting

The best image with high performance
Optimal image acquisition due to high performance.


Light Weight - Super Fast

One Handed Icon.

User can control the device an choose the prefered X-Ray parameters in one hand.

Lighter, Handier, Only 1.64kg with Capacitor.

IUsing ligher components and unique design.

Quicj Charging, Only 10 seconds to fully charge.

Our super capacitor allows much faster charging and more comfortable.

Sustainable power efficiency.

Keeps 100% of power efficiency even at continuous shooting. 

Superior image quality. 

Tube focal spot 0.4mm provides much more clear image processing and much wider range, whihc corresponds at CR and Films. 


Our Charging sysem without battery prevents discharging, explosion and complicting requirements for regular maintenance.



Product NameNR-F300
Tube Voltage60 kV, 70 kV
Tube Current3mA
Electrode Angle 12°
Focus Size0.4mm
Investigation Time Setting0.01 ~ 1.0 sec(0.01sec, step)
Supply PowerInput AC 100 ~ 240V, Output DC 12V
Product Weight1.6 kg (3.5 lbs)