CR (Computed Radiography)

Regius Sigma 2

Regius Sigma II

Ultra-Compact computed radiography

  • Konica Minolta’s smallest and lightest computed radiography.
  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • High Resolution.
  • Integral Processing.


Ultra-Compact CR


The ImagePilot software combines CR image acquisition and PACS functionality. It is a complete workflow solution for clinics, imaging centers, and small hospitals. From one GUI, users can acquire, review, distribute and archive patient images.

Easy Control

ImagePilot supports a multi-touch display for the easiest operation. More than 100 functions and features are literally at the tips of your fingers.

Environmentally friendly

Energy consumption has been reduced to 100 VA- about the same as a household light bulb. That’s one tenth the power of the smallest film processor.

High Resolution

The REGIUSΣ II supports pixel sizes of 87.5 μm and 175 μm for all cassette sizes, achieving a maximum resolution of 4020×4892 pixels (14”x17” at 87.5 μm).


The powerful REGIUSΣ II achieves a high throughput of 60 plates/hour (maximum). It provides a smooth and stress-free workflow.

Integral Processing

Integral Processing – the result of Konica Minolta’s vast imaging experience – is a robust algorithm that produces the optimum diagnostic image automatically. This patented technique greatly simplifies X-ray image acquisition while delivering incredibly consistent image quality and virtually eliminating retakes.


The REGIUSΣ II is Konica Minolta’s smallest and lightest CR. The desktop CR has a footprint of only 0.31 m² and weighs a mere 28 kg.


Regius Sigma 2

REGIUS Sigma 2 delivers a compact and affordable imaging solution that maintains the superior image quality and reliability expected from our REGIUS family of products.


Supports pixel size of 87.5 micron

Economically friendly

Fast throughput



Cassette size14”x17”, 14”x14”, 11”x14”, 10”x12”, 8”x10”
18×24 cm, 24×30 cm, 15×30 cm
Sampling Pitch2 Types: 87.5μm / 175μm
Maximum Resolution4,020×4,892 (14”x17”, 87.5μm )
Digital Gradation Level4096 levels (12 bit)
Processing CapabilityUp to 60 plates / hour (14”x17”, 175μm )
SlotsInsertion / ejection slot x 1
Outer Dimensions / WeightW510 x D610 x H355mm / Approximately 28kg
Power Supply Conditions100VA max during operation: 20VA when not in use
Operating ConditionsTemperature : 10-30°C
Humidity : 15-80% RH (No Condensation)
Readable Cassette

14”x17”, 14”x14”, 11”x14”, 10”x12”, 8”x10”, 24x30cm, 18x24cm, 15x30cm

Readable PlateREGIUS PLATE FP-1S
14”x17”, 14”x14”, 11”x14”, 10”x12”, 8”x10”, 24x30cm, 18x24cm, 15x30cm