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Providing high quality products associated with best services for the Saudi market.

Abdulwahed Healthcare

Abdulwahed Healthcare division journey started in 1992, with a vision to see and do things differently. We innovate for the good of society and the world. The same purpose that kept us moving then, keeps us moving now. We help our clients champion the digital era.

Our advanced healthcare solutions cut through the complexities of your IT processes by automating and optimising document-related processes to simplify information flows and make medical information accessible and compliant. On top of that, we provide the hospital and clinic market with highly-acclaimed, high-performance digital diagnostic X-ray imaging systems.

Wide range of HealthCare products


Providing our customers with multiple advanced solutions in:
- Digital X-Ray, Floor Mounted, and Mobile X-Ray.
- Digital Imaging (DR and CR).
- Medical Disc Publishers.
- Ultrasound.


Wide variety of Digital Dental Solutions including:
- 2D and 3D Dental Panoramic Devices with Cephalometric with different FOV options.
- Dental X-Ray (Wall-Mounted, Mobile and Portable).
- IntraOral Scanners.
- IntraOral Sensors.
- Digital Dental Solutions featuring the fastest and most friendly-user user-friendly facial scanner.
- Dental Implants.

OR Patient Safety

Medication Labeling Solution, A standard of care in the world’s leading hospitals.

HealthCare IT

Multiple Advanced Helathcare Systems including:
- Nurse Calling System.
- Patinet Queueing Management System.

Streamlined and Efficient LG Monitors

The Integrated Front Sensor allows easy calibration ​without the need for additional measuring equipment. It improves the quality and consistency of medical images that are displayed by maintaining accurate values.. See Clearly Image Quality for Diagnostic Review.

SLS - Safe Labeling System.

The system integrates with both manual and smart anesthesia drug carts (ADCs)* in the OR ...

VIQ - Intelligent & Integrated Queuing System.

Customer satisfaction and experience plays a major role in customer retention ...

ZKR - Nurse Calling System.

The system is designed to enable a higher level of communication between patients and nurses...


Our Journey of Events

Anesthesia & Patient Safety in OR Summit

AEEDC 2024

Arab Health 2024

Global Health Exhibition 2022

Saudi Digital Dentistry Summit 2023

SDIC 2024