M32/40 series

Folding arm mobile DR

Product overview

Smart mobile wizard combines dexterity and long standby time

Comprehensive application

Radiology Department/Ward/ICU/Operating Room

High Power

Strong power comparable to fixed DR

Small and light

Mobile diagnostics are easy to move in and out of

Wireless smart terminal

Move, shoot and read movies with one hand

Product advantages

Mobile and flexible

HD wireless tablet

Lightweight tablet, easy to hold and move, high signal-to-noise ratio, good imaging quality

Powerful horsepower

32/40kW high power, easily suitable for thick body HD shooting

Full of power

Smart control

Wireless smart terminal, convenient control with one hand

Radio frequency remote control exposure

Can be taken in separate rooms

wireless network technology

DICOM3.0 format and PACS seamless connection

Smart Eye Visual Navigation System

Contactless shooting in the compartment*optional

Clinical application