New Oriental 1000NC

Double column Baiwei DR

Product advantages

HD images

Baiwei wireless tablet supports WIFI image transmission

High-end configuration

Up to 80kW+400KHU large heat capacity original imported ball tube+iAEC

Efficient control

Two-way automatic tracking, dual tablet configuration

Technology platform

Insight into subtleties

Baiwei large tablet helps to observe hidden subtle lesions

low dose imaging

Wireless intelligent iAEC function

Exposure dose automatic control

Standard DAP function

The dose of each shot can be displayed in real time

Vibrating plug-in grid

Reduces the exposure dose and leaves no grating shadow; pluggable structure meets the low exposure dose needs of children and thick body photography

Convenient control

Compact rack

The uprights can be moved and rotated, and the bed floats in four directions and can be locked electromagnetically for easy positioning control.

Wireless double hundred micro board

The two boards can be used in a variety of scenarios, reducing the need for tablet plugging and unplugging, making the shooting process efficient and fast.

Automatic tracking

The tube and detector automatically track in both vertical and horizontal positions, shortening the setup time.

Smart LCD screen

All clinical parts, one-click selection, rapid imaging

Intelligent wireless remote control system

Compartment control, quick response, and avoid contact risks

Clinical application