ViDG is the central platform that enables you to manage the content displayed on your digital signages enabling the user to upload media, create contect playlists and deploy content to one or many digital singage screen.

Benefits of Digital Signage

About ViDG®

ViDG is built on the latest technology to meet the business needs.
ViDG is very flexible system to manage digital content and control devices from central location.
ViDG has been built to handle a full range of media and working with any digital display devices i.e.plasma, LCD, LED TV or projectors.
Company can easily mange content & control display devicesfrom any location.
ViDG has the following tools to manage digital signage:
Digital Content ManagementSystem
Media Player
1.Manage Digital Content for Multiple Location.
2.Control Digital Signage for Multiple Location
3.Remote Management of the operation of Digital Signage.
4.Convert LED TV to Smart TV by installing Multimedia device.

Digital Signage System

Smart Digital Signage System integrates with other systens like: ViQ, ViRMMS, Room Management Systems, HIS, Meeting Room System.

A complete solution works with different tyoes of screens iwth interent broweser ot with a simple media player.

Why ViDG

ViDG Smart Digital Signage System Integrated with other Villustra Systems i.e:  

– ViQ: Queuing Management System.

-ViRMMS: Remore Management & Monitoring System.

-ViRoom: Room Managemenet System.

– ViH: Health Infromation System for Smart Hospital.

-ViWay: Way Finding System

Application Industries

  • HealthCare.
  • Industrial & Manufacturing.
  • Banking.
  • Telecom.
  • Education.
  • Military.
  • Makreting.
  • Retail.
  • Emergency Reposnse.
  • Emtertainment.